How to find second point if we know first point and distance?

how is math axis to find x2 y2 if we know distance and x1 y1 …

Can you explain your problem in detail?

it math of cordinate…distance i want to know end of axis point if we know distance and first point axis

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Probably it is not possible to do because there can be multiple locations with same distance from initial point.

I believe you need to know 3 points and then you will be able to get the fourth since the type is



vknow can you make extension animation translate y translate x but component like canvas can gesture point

Can you elaborate more?

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Is it a straight line?

like this …but this cant work android 8.0 can you make like this
[Free] Extension Animacion update 10/11/2017 - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community

yes line distence cordinate

No…Ask the extension developer to fix the bug if you think there is any bug.

not respond i was tried

Sorry I can’t do anything at this time.

There is a lot of work of to finish

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no metter vknow360 …keep make exension like animation


Basically it is not possible. How can anyone know the end point of any line? We have to make end point. If there is no end point, then that’s not a line segment. It is a ray. The distance between starting point to end point of a ray is infinite.

Basic Math. :slight_smile:

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example like this if the result of distance 10 I will add 5 so the distance is 15 and x2 y2 after I add 5 how much ??

Let me clarify the doubts.See this image:


Our earth is the outer circle.
For example you know the point A and distance 5 km.
So you want to get another point which is 5Km away from point A.
And you get B as result.
But wait point C is also 5Km away from point A and you will get confused whether which point you need.
As we all know a Circle has infinite number of radius so there are infinite number of points like B and C.
So the conclusion is that it is easier to get distance between two points but it is impossible to get second second point if we know first point and the distance.
Although you can get an area in which your second point is supposed to be sitiuated.
Hope it helps ! :grin:


That is why I abandoned the issue. I got an equation, but it was the equation of a circle. This does not solve the problem. For us to find a single point, we would need the slope of this line.

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