How to find special characters and numerals in a textbox

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I am using the Taifun Text Box extension, for which I added a procedure to check for abusive usernames. If a user inputs a word from an abusive word list along with a numeral, the username should not be created. However, I’ve encountered an issue with this regex extension where the app crashes when I use it.

The error message means, you created an endless loop


Yes, sirji. How can I use your text box extension and regex extension at the same time? Any suggestions?

Une the enter pressed event and only check the text once and correct it if necessary

Currently you check the text, correct it, which triggers again the Textbox changed event, then you check the text again etc etc until that Stackoverflow error occurs


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“I initially used the ‘taglist’ to check the text among the list of users. However, I have since removed it and implemented the abuse words check again. The regex is working fine, but the ‘get taglist’ component below is not functioning as expected.”

I request help regarding the else block in the procedure…