How To Find Text From Text Or Web Page

Sir ! And Other Developers

Is Any Way For Find Some Text From Text Box Or From Web Page

Means If We Make QR Code Scanner App And We Want To Set Condition On The Scan Code " If This text Will On The Result Of Scan Then Show The Result Else Show Message With Wrong Scanning Code "

And Second Question :- How I Can Find Some Text From Web Page Result Mens If Any Web Page Response Like This


And I Want to Check The Status is Success Or Not So How I Can Check This

Use the “Parse Block” for that

Please show us what you have tried before… (Screenshot of your Blocks)

The Blocks Not Ready Yet because I Cannot Understand How To Create Block Of It , For Better Under Standing here Is Example

App Generating A QR Code For Every User With His/her Mobile No. And A Secret Text (ex. 97XXXXXXXX _YXTR)

And When Bar Code Scanner Scaned And Show Result If In Result Found Secret Code(that Was _YXTR) Then Show The MessageScan Successfull Else Show Wrong Code

Like This

Use the „Contains“ block.

Hope you know how to work with it…

Can You Please Show Me Blocks

You use It For Time Format With Timer , If You Show Me Both Blocks It Will Be Your favor


@Ka_Fa Sir , Most Thanks Of You, Both Are Working…

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