How to find the height of the navigation and status bar on any phone?

So I’m having a problem with making the status bar invisible because it just makes the app full screen and the status bar hover over it, same for the navigation bar…
And now that we have gestures the navigation bar could be one of so many sizes

Is there a way for me to just get that exact musernment from the phone running the app and leave the right space for it?

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Hi, I also had the same problem, I need the content to be below the transparent status bar but the navigation bar to remain solid, i don’t want the navigation bar to be above the content. And also I have a menu just below the status bar and I need to position it knowing its approximate height.

I saw that the height of the status bar is between 24dp and 25dp.

Did you manage to solve it?

Nop not yet :broken_heart: