How to fix a project with monetization enabled?

Hello, i’ve created an app which its latest update was before the migration to AndroidX. Now i opened the project and updated some extensions and when i try to open the project it shows this message.

I fixed the .aia and uploaded it to my projects with another name. And now it works. I cant test ads because it doesn’t work on companion and on exported apk it shows this

My original aia with monetization enabled is still on my projects but unaccesible.
And this new version’s been pending on approval for 6 days now.

Is there any workaround for this?

Your app is on playstore?

The first version is. This one’s not as i want to test the ads and new features before uploading to playstore

Is someone from @Kodular able to help?
There has been a lot of days with no success

1 week and 4 days and nothing

App available on playstore? Then no need approve

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No, it is not on Playstore (the original is, this one’s not) and it isn’t on playstore as i can’t even test the ads because is not possible on companion. The older one has monetization approved but the project seems to be corrupted. What i’m looking is rather fix the old one or get monetization approved on this one.

But you are going to upload this app on playstore and update your app soon??

The no need approve & the test ads not working for me also​:+1:

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