How to fix ADB error in windows 10?

How to fix ADB error in windows 10?
I’m a little confused i have the wrong ADB file in there or i’m not meant to have one at all so I do not know if I should be installing or uninstalling this file and if in my computer do i have to give it a Path and if so what would that be. I’m only new to coding and my main problem is i can not test what i have built so far and if the blocks are placed in the right order.

The MakeroidStarter is working and can be seen just it can not see my phone, but my phone works on my PC

I have searched but only can find ways to fix on linux.

Makeroid Starter v1 for Windows

Bottle v0.12.13 server starting up (using WSGIRefServer())…
Listening on
Hit Ctrl-C to quit.

Ping… - - [15/Jun/2020 12:24:55] “GET /ping/ HTTP/1.1” 200 32
Checking device…
‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Problem checking for devices : status 1

Test Failed! - - [15/Jun/2020 12:24:58] “GET /utest/ HTTP/1.1” 200 32

Hi welcome,
I don’t understand that you want to do.
I’m using ADB to connect any android device to my pc. I’m bypass lockscreen many tablet and smarphones or reinstall recovery or make a copy.
I don’t understand the relation between adb and kodular ?

is what you are trying to say is related to USB debugging ??

Hi all thanks for your replies,

The ADB relation is in the photos below if they help you understand my problem.

Yeah having problems with both USB and QR Code, I can not get past 20% if I use QR code says disconnected from server

The photos will show the usb problem

You have installed last companion version of kodular ??
Version 1.4C.4

Hi yeah I have got the latest version installed, seems to see the computer, just the program can not see the phone.

OK check if files on your assets, images, sounds etc… is out of limit, (limit 32Mb) it is major it will not be possible to do your apk

Is that in my phone or my PC?
I am running 64bit windows 10 so I do not think there world be a file size issue there.
How do I check if assets are right size in PC and phone?

Your assets and all blocks in your app is out of limit (forgets your PC)
Trie connect only browser in koludar and companion with wifi

I always fails i have tried 6 different browsers turned off my firewall.

I have tried different driver packs for samsung for developers to standard versions.

I have uninstalled programs and removed bluestacks, i have been at this for 3 days now and noting i do will let me connect QR code or USB.

I have run all programs with adminsitive rights and only helps on Makeroid Starter as it will not work with out admin rights.

Have download and installed these files Downloads - ADB Shell.

I disconnected my 2nd NAT network to see if that was conflicting with the connection

Noting seems to work or connect also none of it has fixed the ADB error as well.

I am very frustrated with all this and information is hard to find.

Trie download your proyect in apk format and looks what happens.
If nothing happens trie install on your smartphone

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Yeah it baked, packed and download to my PC

Ok bit of playing around, but got the file installed. Thanks for your help on that bit least got to test it.

I have another question? My app has 3 screens do I have to make swipe block functions, to go from screen to screen? I ask this as it is my first app tested on the phone and all the functions are on the 2nd screen, as the first screen will be a splash intro screen, well that’s my plan.

I don’t remenber right now but exist extension or block to swipe to go next screen.
Check if this component help you

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For you own splash screen. Set splash screen on screen 1 after some second go to screen2 (used clock and block compent another screen)

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Yeah that extension should do the trick. ok cool thanks for the tip with the clock functions as well.

Please if you question is solved mark the post whit solution. This topic will closed after 30 days.

Ok np done, it did not fix the adb problem but has given me a way of testing the apps now.

Is Flipper view only for animations? I tried to add it to the 2nd page but will not let me move my vert & hoz arrangements into the field.

After a few hours playing with flipper it will not do what I would like. Flipper is good if you are building a photo album or something like that, as you create the pages in the block back end and is easy with images.

I think after a bit of research that the Bottom navigation Bar might fit my needs as the pages are already constructed, I will just delete screen1 from my build as I learn now, you can not request the next screen in the blocks.

You can’t delete screen 1if you it do your app it will not work.
Whit this extension you register the swipe left right

Or read this too

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