How to fix Click link in Webview showup ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

i using web view in kodular app.
Please help me with this issue: I’m adding this link to a button on my app (this is a deep link, direct to an IM app - Zalo which is popular in Vietnam). But when I press the button, I get this notification. Could you please give me more instruction on this issue. Thanks.

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Send your blocks image

This my blocks. please helps me <3 thanks you so much

Implement Error occurred event of webviewer.
I am sure it will be getting invoked.

If again not working then check your link

There is nothing wrong with link.
The problem is with webviewer that it does implement all deep link URLs.Though it supports some major deep link schemes.

i have’t problem with back pressed.
i have problem with button on website redirect another app

To solve the problem with the web view it is necessary to go to the advanced settings of the component (webview) and check the option “Use External Browser”. Hope this helps!