How to fix "Colors Internal Error" on MacOS

Like many people, I get the error in one of my projects.

I searched the Community and found some topics:

But I couldn’t follow the steps properly, because 7-ZIP has no Mac version. So I unzip the .aia file by built-in “Archive Utility”:

After updating, I zipped the file and changed the file type to .aia from .zip as I see on this topic:

Unfortunately, I get upload error when I try to import the new .aia file:

I’ve used two more file extractor instead, but it still didn’t work. I need your help :frowning:

If you wish you can send me the file in pm I can do it for you.

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do not try in mobile. try in pc for the easy approach…


clear all and ctrl+S, then reupolad the aia with different name or add _1 at the end and test

if you do in mobile then again you cannot convert zip into aia even if you rename it. Mostof the times it maynot work conveniently…

Hi @Still-learning

The screenshots I’ve shared are from MacOS, not from a mobile device. Thanks for trying to help in detail but I don’t have a pc with Windows in it.

Oh sorry, i have not tried/used in MacOS so dont know about it may be someone could help you how to do it in mac

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is their any solution for mac

i am a Android user and its normal for me even i can’t put values in strings also :grin:

does anyone here, they know the solution of it?