How to fix companion auto close from application

When adding a SIDE-MENU)))
to the application in the design field, and running it by KODULAR COMPANION , it will automatically Close (COMPANION), is there anyone who can solve the problem at the moment???

It mean something you added wrongly… show us your blocks

Move the view flipper blocks(that two blue) to the last side menu layout item block in screen init and try


Even after the change, it is not working mean, it seems to be already reported issue. View flipper + side menu layout - crashes the app.

Companion Crashing

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In the companion, if you press the :white_large_square: (Square button on the bottom to switch between apps) your companion disconnects.

Just check this out it might help.

How to fix the companion crash issue.

  • Make sure the devices are connected to wi-fi.
  • Ensure there are no faults in the blocks. If you are not sure, search the problem in the community, try solving the problem yourself if neither of them works, follow the community guidelines and post your question on the community.
  • Ensure the file size is as a .apk file is less.
  • Try minimizing the number of screens
  • Ensure the kodular companion is updated.

See this auto close is quite common while you use many add side menu layouts. Me too experienced a lot. If RAM is higher you you won’t suffer … while testing time I will move away the side menu layout apart and will work… (if the side menu is no where related during bug fixing time)

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