Companion Crashing

Describe your issue

I’m using companion to live test and make some adjustments and whenever I edit any component’s properties (editing any label, dropping any component etc) while testing it live it crashes "Kodular has stopped"

Steps to reproduce the issue

Try using a SlideMenuLayout and view flipper


Expected Behaviour

It should work properly without any crashes

Actual Behaviour

crashing every time I change something or add a new component

Show your Blocks

not so many blocks because I haven’t finished designing part. just a slidemenulayout with 12 options and a view flipper with 3 images thats all

Android version

7.1.2 (Ressurection Remix 5.8.5 - Samsung Galaxy Grand 2)
7.1.2 (MIUI 10 - Xiaome Redmi 4X)

Ca you try a simple project without the flipper component. I have found certain components can cause issues, and I have to reset the connection.

I have a feeling this component might be doing that.

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I’ve tried that… I removed the flipper completely and tried it but nothing was changed… It was still crashing…

can you pm me your aia and I can try

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this happend normal if you have a list in your project and that list have a problem . Like you load it not correct or you want to show something and in the same time it is set to unvisible.There is a problem with a element what is visible and unvisible in the same time ´or in that way, check this out. I had to much lists in my app and bc of that my app crashed each time if clicked the back button.
Hope this helps you to locate the problem

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The companion crash with little big projects. it is also crashing for me when i edit something.

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take a other browser, delete all companion files (really all files) delete the browser files (same here), than restart your smartphone and pc and download Kodular again. I would use chrome for Kodular,
Now if you dont have any mistakes in your project like i told above , it should work without any troubles. I have 5 screens and 3 of them have between 3000 and 4000 blocks and i can wokr with it. Naybe simetines i have a short lag (depend on, how many users are online (100MBit Connection))

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i recently started a new project and when i add a side menu component it crashed whenever i try to do some changes on live test.

if i remove the side menu component then app is working fine… whenever i add side menu component it crashed. i didn’t even add any blocks, it crashed just by adding it to the project.

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Yeah, there is some problem with SideMenuLayout… I even stopped working on that project because of crashing…:sweat:

There wasn’t anything just a SlideMenu and a flipper and few spaces and labels… thats all…

for now i have removed the component and after that before final release ill add it.

this is what i have right now.

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