How to fix ProKoder Ineligibility

It’s clearly mentioned in brackets see it in the above image’s.

Topics viewed , Posts read - All time (it also has last 3 months)
Silenced & Suspended are of last 6 months
But, others like 'users who liked is this of last 3 months? Do different users have to like each time to addusers who liked`?

Here’s what :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Nope you can get removed from TL3 , I was a prokoder once and got remove due to inactivity never done anything wrong never got a mute nor something else


That must have been before the new system was launched, or rather new updateded ProKoder requirements

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But I didn’t know you could lose ProKoder status without misbehaving.

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Ofcourse, if your infringres the rules !!! :wink:

Nothing is permanent and none is immortal :sunglasses:


There are no privileges for anybody !!!
It is not important your status
Rules are rules, here or any place !!!
Or he thinks so that the rules were done ?

Speaking about rules my post is are #off-topic :wink:

I m eligible for pro koder membership. I requested about 11 days ago for badge assignment but still not get the badge @Kodular please have a look into it

No you are not.
You have to visit 150 days but you have visited only 128 days.
So you still have to wait 22 days.

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Please do not tag kodular staff

But see here in screenshot total vists should be 100 days

Have you read the posts above

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No, there are 100 days, but 150 days should be displayed as this is the number of days it takes to complete the task at this point.

I am stucked at 148 days from last 10 Days…

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I was stuck at 97 for almost 2 weeks and not again stuck at 99 from last 2 days. :confused:


Can’t Say anything…
I really don’t know what is going on…