How to fix this AM PM

how to show AM PM in label

Eexample :

lable text = AM

CLOCK sensor is not working this type

is working this type hh:mm:ss a

it shows 12:32:48 pm

i want only AM or PM

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Instead of this

Use only a

is not working i tryed it

Try like this if you want to show only AM or PM as @Akshat_Rana suggested


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If not use the pattern ‘hh:mm:as a’ and use split text

how u can show it please

is not working

For me it is working, below see two different ways to achieve it. If it doesn’t work for you please show your blocks

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its suppose to work… Show your block

this is correct, if your talking about to uppercase “pm” to PM, use text block

If so use this blocks,

Update: In the spilt text block you should give one empty space then only it will work. I have attached the result also in the post.

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