How to fix this error in ANT Extensions

[javac] C:\appinventor-sources-master\appinventor\components\src\com\google\appinventor\components\runtime\ error: package stericson.RootTools does not exist
    [javac] import stericson.RootTools.Command;

I am building an Extension and I am using External Android Library names RootTools but when I am Compiling the Extension I got this type of error

The package you are trying to import does not exist. And you should ask problems regarding extension development at : Google Groups


But I have imported the RootTools.jar file in libs folder and also in my .java file

Importing the jar file doesn’t mean it has the package. You have to import packages correctly as it’s in the jar file

Plz Show me How PM ME

I’ll try to help can you send me the jar file?

Bro i have send in personal message

I done it myself and also thanks to @Deep_Host

The sense of a community is to get help and give help. So that’s great that you solved your problem but since you asked here for help you should also provide the solution for others.
That’s “To take and to give”!


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