How to fix this error?

Note: Use Extension
1.Deephost PDF Viewer (not updated extension after fenix update)
2.Deephost InAppPDFViewer (Update extension after fenix update) (not updated extension after fenix update)

whats are problem in my app?

Well it works properly even after kodular fenix update !!

If this happens when you try to open pdf then you can use this activity starter method to open pdf :point_down:

Update your extensions it will work fine

i cant update this all extension please help me

my laptop is 32bit i cant recast any extension…please help me… i need to update deephost PDF Viewer update extension

sorry my app not suitable with this activity starter…but thank u for ur replay

Deephost updated the extension use them

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deephost not updated this extension!

Do you have State Progress Bar in your project?

State Progress Bar shows Context Compat Error

I don’t think so he is using State Progress Bar

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Yeah u are right :+1:

no i cant use any progress bar… now my problem is solve .deephost update their extension!

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