How to fix this problem?


(Amit Gupta) #1

I’m trying to open multiple screen with .html file on one screen using vertical arrangement layout or taifun tools extension.
But could not open. 1st screen is open my .html file but 2nd is open without .html file.

(Deepanshu Arya) #2

show blocks

(Deepanshu Arya) #3

try adding .html insted of .h

(Shreyash Saitwal) #4

Next time, please search the community before asking any question. :pray:


The file is .html , it just doesn’t fit in one line.

(Luca) #6

I prefer to use something like this in order to make it work…

(Amit Gupta) #7

Now I’m able to open .html file but not fully responsibe.What should I do?

(Shreyash Saitwal) #8