How to fix YouTube video audio playing after going to screen 2 in background

I add YouTube video on screen 1 and in the bottom I add next button. When I open screen 1 YouTube video didn’t load and fast I click next button I moved to screen 2 but still audio is coming from screen 1. How to fix this ???

Please help me out ??

Thank you!!!

Before Open Screen2 Block, (on Screen1)
Add Pause Video Block.

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To load video fast, use Clock component. When you initialize the video screen, call Clock component. Set the interval to 2 second. And rest, do as @ADDYLIN said. :slight_smile:

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Try this :

But I use pause block but didn’t work. video load after going to screen 2 becoz as normal speed I do everything is perfect but when I do fast audio coming from screen 2. It is bug or glitch in YouTube component