How to force auto update to new version from Playstore

Hello great Kodulars I have an app on Play store I have used two methods which I thought they could work but unfortunately none of them worked for me.

See the app is on play store and it needs updates but the methods I have used they are not forcing or calling the popup dialog.
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Here are the blocks for the common suggested method. I at first I used this method when it failed i deleted it and used the second method

Method 1

Here is the method I tried to implement but it also didn’t work.
After Method 1 failed I deleted it then used this 2 method

Method 2

Please help me with your new advanced method

Do not make the user use the app if update is available

Suggestion: I always leave screen1 for updates, Checking network connection etc

Hello @sonumohammad333 are you asking or answering?

Hell @sonumohammad333 can you answer my question if you know the advanced method apart from what I have already used?

try this,

blocks - 2020-02-19T173210.107

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What is the difference bettwen this
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flexible and immediate.

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so this is not needed then?

as they said, i think there is no need so try, maybe helps,


Store the newest version code in a database, then when the user opens the app, check if newest version code > current version code on the device. If yes, redirect them to update.


how, can you show the blocks which will detect from playstore?

I think you should use Version Name instead of Version Code here:

For more you can read this:


Hello everyone , thank you for your help and any suggestion you gave.

I real appreciate all @sonumohammad333, @ImranTariq, @Mateja and @vknow360 who contributed on this post I real Appreciate your time

Finaly I have got a best solution by using Firebase here are the blocks how I set them and I can change the version code through Firebase and force the app to get updates.


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