How to generate random decimal number

I can generate Random number with decimal places but but but
the decimal places numbers are not changed (as random) [as shown in below 2nd image]

Output is :

so Question is: How do I get randomize decimal places???

please reply as soon as possible!!

Try like this

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I think it also works @dora_paz ?/

You need a bit more trickery if you want decimals 0.01 - 0.09…:wink:

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Just Give
me the solution


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Actually I want to

  1. Get random number with random 2 decimal places (like 12.45)
  2. then show on display from 0 to got random number (0 to 12.45)
    how can we do this ??/
    Please reply

Use above procedure

Please elaborate more, what do you mean by that ?

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Now if you want to show all number from 0 to random by … use

sample video is given below try to play and understand what i am looking for

Example: If I got random number 7.68 then
I want to show from 0 to 7.68 in increasing order (exactly as shown in above video)

Getting it ??
Please reply!!

Select a random number eg 7.68.

Create a variable “Target” and store 7.68 to it.

Create another variable “Counter” and set it to 0.

Add a Clock component, set interval to 100.

Then each time the Clock fires (every 100 milliseconds if interval is 100) increase the Counter by 0.01 until it equals Target. When Counter = Target stop the Clock.

random_number.aia (6.0 KB)