How to get Airtable Data By Filtering

In my application, I wants to show Only 1,B Students Details on my list

You can try by row number. Or it depends on how you’re going to filter, if it’s through a list to choose from, then you can choose the selected row. Otherwise you can give more details or better share an AIA file with your example

Call a specific column and row to call data you want … Or, tell us how you want to filter your data.

Same problem, I have an airtable similar to that of Mohammad, I need to filter by column admission_no so when i input in a textbox an admission number, i need to obtain the other data of the row separated For example I input 5825 I want to obtain:

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You’re talking about searching data from Airtable. Am I right?


for that you have to get all columns data and store them to different variables with names then after text input user click search, use is in list, if its true? then get that index and arrange data to different text boxes or labels from all variables i will create that and send you blocks

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Make it in a list view as he seems to be searching a list of Students.

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also he can search by roll no, making list is also a solution but i think he only needs that by searching a specific roll no, i will create both and send him

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That’s why I called you to create it in a list view. He will be able to search using both Title and Subtitle keywords .

right i will arrange that in a list view ,

check this aia, i arranged everything as u needed,
if any help needs you can ask

list_view.aia (5.3 KB)

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i just forget to configure this block in Aia, configure that like this,




I wants to filter student by class and show student name on list view.

this is my aia file
MHSS_ARTS.aia (9.5 KB)

I will check after a little and check what is issue

Your Column Name is in Capital NAME and you are asking to get name in small , also Table Name was wrong, table name is STUDENT_WITH_ITEM nd you set STUDENT only
now you list is getting data of Name

You Need a lot of fixes in your screen, like dont send any empty data to airtable other wise it will not recall data, and use a checker before adding data use if not is empty text box, then call airtable to store data, if text box will be empty airtable store empty data and you cant call back that data

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no i am calling data from student

Also getting data from STUDENT
From app

data is getting perfectly but i whats to filter student name by class and division.