How to get any particular word which is in chatview

Hello coder,
I have an chatting app which is working but when anyone mention someone like kodular community then how to know
If user written anywhere in the text @username it have to find it and then store value in airtable


Check if this can help your problem! This is nothing but a demo, you can transform these as per your requirements.

blocks (8)

blocks (9)

blocks (10)

But this is only for when we are mentioning someone but when we load message in chatview what we can do to find out which username are there.

Any one there who know about this.

Why are you thinking so deep?! Store usernames in a variable and use as you want! Suppose you have a group chat, where every participant has a unique username. So you just have to store those usernames in DB, and then you can use those names anywhere! I hope you understand the idea!

I understand but I don’t want to store it in tinydb because if any new user joined the app then I have to update the tinydb again and again and it can take too long to load.

You can store in Airtable or Firebase.

Thanks for helping

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What is the use of elseif block here instead directly can use else only is enough know…

If then else

Right. I modified the block and removed else from last. Firstly I supposed to add one more logical part, but removed.

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If I not use if then block then when I write @ then it will show me list but if I cut that part then then it will not invisible.

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