How to get current unix time without any delay

how can i get current unix time without any delay

i was using this but this was taking too much time due to high load on website sometime it fail to give unix time
please someone help me out

someone please help

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You can try:

You can make you own API for getting time online by writting a small code of php in your own website (if you don’t have your website then you can try

i have zero knowledge of php
then how will i make my own website

You don’t need to learn it :upside_down_face:
I will PM you the php file and you have to just upload the file in your website file manager and just make a post request link to your URL and it will give the time in response as same like and all done

You don’t need to create any website just register an account on the given link

However, do note that it is easy to implement it using PHP but you can have at most 1 server while Apache mentains a web of ntp servers so Ntp stands far better.
And the fun fact is that DateTools extension fetches epoch timestamp from Ntp server.

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You can use below url for getting time Indian time without delay.
I have created this with php code and if you wants other country time then I can give you php code and you can change it easily for any country.

Ia that Will expied?

what do you mean? :thinking:

Is online time Will have limit time to use?

No, there is no limit.

I mean is that sever Will down and get error if we get that online time

Maybe 1% chance that a NTP server will go down.
Even if any server goes down then as I said it is a web so time will be fetched from one of other servers.