How to get data and show in a horizontal scroll arrangement

I have tried showing my data in an horizontal scroll arrangement with dynamic component by yusufcihan. But the data keeps coming in a vertical arrangement. What didn’t I do right. Here are my blocks


I think you reversed the vertical and horizontal steps, not sure if you try

No, I did not reverse it, if i do i should get an error.

Your ID’s are Wrong.

instead of “global ID” you are using “global ID + 1”


It is true, thank you for pointing that out…:handshake:

Now that they’re showing in an horizontal scroll arrangement. I want those images to be rounded. I tried using image editor but not working. If I use other extension for round image, do I have to use any component for that?

Approximately how many images are you using in Total.

Actually am going to use Airtable in getting images but presently am just doing testing before I start getting data from Airtable so I decided to use global image

Approximately 20 images

Directly Store Rounded images in Cloudinary or FirebaseDB.

Then use their URL’s.

How do I store the rounded images?

if using Cloudinary they have inbuilt Tool for that no need to go anywhere.

if using FirebaseDB then use any Online or Offline Tool to Round image.

I think I’ll use the inbuilt tools of cloudinary for that. Thank you…

Is it possible to round the image using image editor before uploading to cloudinary?


But That takes Time according to the Number of images.

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Its possible, check this

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Thank you @ADDYLIN and @themaayur

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@Powertech_Development I think in the first block in your procedure the component input should be what you want to show inside the horizontal scrollable layout.

Horizontal Scroll Arrangement in a Horizontal Scroll Arrangement.

Looks SenseLess.

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Yh I understand you. I’ll change the component input to vertical arrangement as @kweng said.

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