How to Get data from Airtable and put it into a CardView

Alright.Trying to build the apk file but saying could not build why?. I have check for error but can’t find any.

I have tried this method but always shows alert message.

I still use this method and it works for me.

What error messages you get?

It always shows Runtime error
length = 0; index =0.

How can we know why error is showing without seeing blocks?
Are we wizards or magicians?
Show your blocks.

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It would be nice to show your blocks. That error you get is because surely some list is empty. put each list on a label and verify that you get all the values ​​for each list …Also check that all cells are full in airtable. if you have a empty cell, without any data, you don’t get the column values ​​… This is very important. Even if you have only one empty cell, you no longer receive the column data

Would I be able to implement a filter / search functionality and pagination?

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Please I need help … The application is not running
my blocks

and this is my airtable
I think it is a problem in the airtable >>I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

This is your issue, delete this two or all cells must be filled


Hi! Thanks for the guide I’ve set it up just fine, but now I need on button click to delete that particular row. How can I do this? I’ve tried setting up a:

On Click

Remove list : _______
Get position
Delete row: index : Get Position
List: ___________

I don’t know what to put as list, the list is a local variable and I can’t use it here.

I’ve tried making a global variable equal to the list but it just gives me empty list error on Click.

Any pointers please?


How do I use one component to get all the lists? It’s like get cell? But now I don’t want to take a single one but I want to take all, but I don’t want to use too many components

Is there any way?

Now the tutorial is updated to get all the columns with only one component…

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can i please get an aia for this thank you in advance

There is a great tutorial in the first post. By following it you will learn a lot more than simply using an aia file.

i really dont have time to build can you please share aia, i would be highly obliged

No, sorry.

The charging process is much faster (even if minimal) than with Kodular’s dynamic components and the same can be done

If you link an airtable table and sample it with dynamic components
Any change you make to the table, whether you delete a row, column or any content of any row, will be affected when you open the app or reload the data.

So you would only have to change the data in the table and not launch any update to the application for some minimal change or add new data.

I hope I understood your question and helped you!

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If my advice is useful to you (It has nothing to do with your problem just a block programming logic),

It is best to use a single airtable add-on and send each column with a switch, due to the limitations of airtables, of course if your account is free.
So you don’t make so many requests to airtable but you do it in one request

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