How to get data from airtable in cardview pls help

Hi koders,
Suppose there is a courier service app and user fill pickup and receiver details, now these details are stored in airtable.
How to get these details in my app using cardview?

How about showing us what you’ve tried


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i think this guide will help you

I see it but i want that when a new row is added in airtable then that particular row will show in app in realtime

I m not getting that… I deleted blocks because that’s create bugs… I know something i done wrong… But can u tell me how to show latest added row from airtable in a app

you can use clock component for that… set timer for 1 sec or 5 sec (your choice) and call the blocks which is used to display data from airtable.

Suppose data will add at any time even after 1 hr also or 1 day also… I mean when new row is created i get the data in my app तुरंत

already told you… you have to check for the new row all time, so for that user timer

simple create a new column of create row an sort table by create time.
this ss can help you in this method

your new entry always on top or bottom.

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How to store date n time?

when any data store in table time auto updated

you don’t need to update manual

But i my table date n time not showing? Is there any blocks to store date n time

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thank you for your help.