How to get data from firebase or airtable in particular label

I need your help if you do then I will be happy!
I want to get data from database (either from firebase or airtable) and store in selected Labels in app (shown in fig. below)
I want to get data from database and store at the place of SXP, 110%, 15days, 0.0001SXP (in figure) respectively.
can you please share blocks or any easy tutorial for this.

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What did you tried?
Have you searched the Community?

There are plenty of easy Firebase guides.

:point_up_2:This was good but try to understand my question again,
I want to get particular value from database and store that in selected label and same do again for about 5 times.

please refer me blocks if you can because it is very difficult for me .

So you can call get cell or call get column
And use switch
Call get cell column name= coin row no=1
And use if then
And switch to 1
then if switch = 1
Then store coin in variable
And again get cell column name = interest row no.= 1
Switch to 2

And so on you can use your logic

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This is possible just with dynamic component extension and spreadsheet combi alone.

Can you please send me blocks image for it, I’ll heartily thankful to you.
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Study this if you are using airtable

You have used dynamic component extension or not because with dynamic component extension it will be more easier.

Try this

test_airtable_1.aia (42.1 KB)

Hey Doar,
Thank You So much,
where can i get DynamicComponets1 extension?? that is used in aia file
(please provide download link :smiley: )
Thanks again!

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See #post5

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then how to perform onclick action on stake button in dynamic component??

How to show this from firebase database (see below image)

please help me!!!

Set firebase bucket as Stac…
Get firebase value tag Wins saini

When firebase get value ,
Set any label text to Select list item list ( web1 convert json to list -get value ) index 3

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Thanks for instant reply GSR,
Ques: How can i do (web1 concert json to list -get value) index 3
Please show me as simple as possible
Please reply back

I believe you do not need it. Simply

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Dear, @Tips_and_Tricks_Generator can you please share a detailed blocks (image) or aia file of it ??
Please reply!

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