How to get data from website

I wonna display real time data from some site

for example this row: <td><center><b class=“rednibroj”>1.</b><b class=“rbtxt”>Fox:363048291$</b></center></td>

i wonna get this information: Fox:363048291 to display in my app label

You can Use Web APIs and use response to receive information from the site.

Can you please show me the blocks

I’m new in this :slight_smile:

First discuss your query a bit in detail like from which website you want to take data and which type of data…

Moreover it vary from one website to another some do not frovidr you any RSS or API (s) so first check does your website provide that??..

this site SACNR Monitor - Viewing Server: Evolve-Rp.Ru | Server: 01 | Client: 0.3.7 - Free SA:MP server lists, searching, graphs, information, advertisements, updated every 30 minutes - SACNR Monitor

i wonna get this " Players: 1000/1000 "

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They have an api


And this is example of an example of getting data from API for your website.
$monitor = new SACNR\Monitor;

echo “

echo “