How to get details of logged-in user from airtable in kodular

I have some records stored in Airtable (as shown in below img.)

Now I want to get/fetch the details of the user, according to email by which the user gets Logged-In

Example:- My login email is [email protected] and Password is [email protected]
Now when I login to my account then, I will get Name and Phone corresponding to the email. and want to show in profile section of App.

[waiting for reply with solution]…’)

In such case the best solution is using Airtable API query method

Use just web block and airtable api as url…

So simple.

Sorry for it, but I want to re-describe my issue to you

I want to get details of login user and show the details in my app screen.

Example: 2. Vikas is logged-In and now i want to get Vikas’s name, Number, email, balance from airtable and show in my app screen, and do same for each
how can i do this with simple blocks, or
Please try to create blocks for my better understanding (if possible), I’ll be thankful to you.!

Pls tell me, how do you know that he is logged in among the list of users?? I dont think so airtable is offering such benefit

I hope it is possible with firebase realtime analystics we can have logged in users or active users in online

I have stored user email in tinydb, when user logged-In (with tag email)
Now, is it possible to find the stored email from airtable and fetch the related details ??

You are asking only logged in user but i thought users are in online currently

I hope the above saif airtable api uery would be better to you{Name}=“Vikas”

After filling all the three (Enter) details run the web url in browser and see the result then use the above url in app and test

not solved at all, and I also think that this approach is not effective as easy
Please help me out to fetch the data from airtable of particular users detail

Try to give me another method if you have to do this as my desire ??

Sorry… You have made mistake somewhere else iy seems… As per the query method(that i’ve suggested ), If the Name col matches with the given name and those row values alone will completly downloaded from airtable… Pls show me what have you tried

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Ok budy, so i requested you to please show me how to apply the query method with blocks image

Dont click on the link(It will return nothing), kindly enter table name, api key and base id then click the link and check up

I have try this

Somwthing you have entred wrong credentials, thats why it returned not found

wouldn’t it be better to use firebase for this purpose?

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See my work

Airtable Format

Imstead of _ use %20 and try

I mean insted of Table name Created_Account use Created%20Account and try then let us know

I have tried something, (IMG 1)

and got this result, (IMG 2)
Now the question is how can I show each field value to each label separately,

Example:- (as in result Image IMG 2 shows) the record contains keys -[Name, Email, Password, Phone] & having corresponding values to each key, so how can i extract values and shows in labels
like in Name label = Wins Saini,
in Email label = [email protected]
in Phone label = +91-9671XXXXXX
and other keys I’ll add later like balance key, etc.

please do understand it and solve it for me, I’ll be thankful to you!

Dont use this much of blocks. Just use one procedure just like this, and catch this procedure in the repective label with proper colum name and json

Here the json is get response content

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