How to Get Dynamic Component list of length click event id?

Is this possible to get Dynamic Component “length of list” click event id ? Due to use of query filter from firebase, length of list item change. kindly guide if possible.

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Instead of calling every tag, just call the bucket and use dictionary mode and use get value by key method simple

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Kindly provide me a small example block

Show me your fb structure


“02162022220007_Feb 16, 2022_10:00:07 pm”: “[“Future Sell”,“02\/16\/2022 10:00:07 pm”,“WAVESUSDT”,“10.07”,“10.55”,“9.81”,“Not Hit”,“9.51”,“Not Hit”,“9.19”,“Not Hit”,“Not Trigger”,“Something Some”]”,
“02182022213630_Feb 18, 2022_09:36:30 pm”: “[“Future Buy”,“02\/16\/2022 09:36:30 pm”,“SUNUSDT”,“0.9489”,“0.9631”,“0.9403”,“Not Hit”,“0.9330”,“Not Hit”,“0.9208”,“Not Hit”,“Not Trigger”,“Something Some”]”,
“02192022213630_Feb 19, 2022_09:36:30 pm”: “[“Future Buy”,“02\/16\/2022 09:36:30 pm”,“JEETUSDT”,“0.9489”,“0.9631”,“0.9403”,“Hit”,“0.9330”,“Not Hit”,“0.9208”,“Not Hit”,“Running”,“Something Some”]”

Wait let me show you

sorry, i had work… try like this…

EDIT: Try this


You can call orderly the list from fb

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Thanks for your valuable time…

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