How to Get Firebase-User-ID from a user's tag value?

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I need some help related to firebase. I stuck at making a referral system.
My idea is, when some one sign up and enter referral code, then using that referral code, first find firebase-User-ID of referrer, then Set Firebase Project Bucket to Referrer’s Project Bucket and edit the amount tag and then change back Project Bucket to New User’s Firebase-User-ID.
Hope you understand.
Thanks in advance.

Here are my blocks: <Non related blocks to this question is disabled, to save time. :slightly_smiling_face:>
Splash Screen:
IMPORTH6E306 Screen:

Register Screen:

when Login Success
then call Firebase_Authentication1.Get Current User;

when Firebase_Authentication1.Got Current User
then set Label1.text to get userID

Note: The Label1 represents to show your userID you can change it like
call TinyDB1.Store Value
Tag: UserID
Value: get UserID

That’s not what I wanted man,
This way I will get the user id of current device user which is using the app.
But I want to get user id of other user with his reffer tag.
I know it seems complicated :joy:.
But… That’s what I need as reffer system.
Well, let me tell u that I will use this user id to visit his project bucket through blocks. And change his balance points as reward.


I am surprised ( more sad :confused:) to see that no one helped me,…
By the way I made my own login to solve this complicated problem with more complicated solution after continues effort of 3 weeks :grimacing: .
Hope to see someone help me next time.

Can you post your solution?

I can help you with aia editing, you can share your aia (if possible) or I can give you new aia with my logic. (if needed)

I already told man,
I got the solution :relaxed:.
And I am gone too far building the app after that problem. It’s about to finish.
Thanks for your reply :smiley:

Please post your solution then.

I will add the block ss and and solution as soon as my app is ready :blush: