How to get future date by using clock component?

how to get future date by using clock component ?
I want to add 5 days with my current date
I try this but getting error

Annotation 2020-01-22 200615

You get an error because you are trying to display an Instant. Format it first.


What you got there in the label is not an error. Have you read what it says?
That’s an instant.
You have to format the instant the way you want it to be presented.
Use the FORMAT DATE or FORMAT DATETIME blocks to make it look like a normal date.


I tried this but getting error plzzz help

Annotation 2020-01-23 192217

The block Clock.AddDays requires an instant and you are giving it a text string (the Clock.FormatDate block returns a text string, not an instant).

If you want to format the future date, you have to put the FormatDate block between the label text and the AddDays blocks.


thank you ltalo its works



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