How to get index after delete row ghseet

Colum A i have A B C
When i delete B, and click C to send data, it get index = 2 and send data to wrong row, how i can get index of C after delete B
Thank you

do not ask blindly… share us your blocks

Delete mean, from the app you are deleting or mannually you ae deleting?

i use this block

then why the row is not deleted completly? instead it clears the row

create another one additioonal colum to obatin ROW ID. using the arrayformula
like this
={"ROWID";ArrayFormula(if(B2:B<>"",row(A2:A)-1))} and choose the locale to United kingdom from gsheet settings.

Once deleted call again the gshett

for more ref this guide … Credit to @TimAi2

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