How to get Last 4 digit from airtable

I made an app and I connected with airtable database
In my app, I had added a card number in the app, User will put the card number in sign up page, and THis is all done successfully
Now after that I had made an admin app in which I want to get the last 4 digits of the card how can i do

It is not possible.

  1. Get the value from airtable
  2. Use replace + segment block

I mean if the length of the card is 12 then replace the segment (segment text from 1 to 8) replace with xxxx-xxxx-xxxx)

Already Got

@Still-learning Thank you for the help

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Or another approch
Next to the card field, just create another field with fomula and enter this formula


So automatically create the required value and new entry also will assign automatically and retrieve the new col value alone… V.Simple


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