How to get list in serialwise from firebase?

How to get list in serialwise from firebase in colintreelistview?
I searched in community but not found this types of questions.

I get list from firebase. but list is came from firebase as shown in pic

1.Use a unique number and greater number than previous number like timestamp for tag.And if you want to store two items in firebase use ‘make a list block’ and when getting value use 'select item from list=value and index=1 or 2 as you added.You can find timestamp in clock component named as system time.
Note:- Timestamp may very according to your region.

2.After getting tags use Listutils extension to sort lists according to your choice.And then use ‘for each item in the list block’ to get values.

Hope this will help you.
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Can you provide any example.

if you use airtable for making list, it would be easier for you to call data serial-wise, here is a video you will understand

Read this guide.I know it is about chatview and firebase but does similar to you so change according to your wish.