How to use chat view with firebase?

This is very new for everyone to use Firebase with Chat View.
So I also searched so many times and find some ways to use.But everytime there was a bug in the method.
So I mixed up my ideas in @Choofa method and built a new method.
Here you can read his post:-

This is the new method.
1.First you need a few components which are
Chat view
2.Now these are the blocks divided in four parts.

First is to get sent messages tags.

Second is to get sent messages and add them in Chat View.

Third is to send a message.

Fourth is to check for new message.

I have used following extensions to add more features:

Here is AIS file download link:
Your suggestions can make this more useful.
Hope this will be helpful!:grin:


can you attach an aia, it would be better for us to live test it and understand it better, by the way I appreciate your efforts ! Nice Expalnation !

thanks mate

since the ais is not available, bro can you share about those 3 firebase buckets, are thier same api key and tokens? i try to copy all the blocks in the image you uploaded but, i get 2 buble chat, as sender and reciever when i send message, that suppose to be the correct, i get the first bubble chat, and get second bubble chat with responser reply, overall i see your work with this blcks a good chat history, its stored everything , nice using firebase

problem solve. its the when data changed that duplicate the buble chat, it should be in another screen like inbox features. Thanks for the guide. 100% working

Happy to hear that it works.Can you clarify it?
Otherwise I have made new version when I have time I will update this guide.

im working it out, so i can continue your guide for our community, im clarifying since the firebase uses same api key and token, ti can easily trigger th when data changed automaticaly coz it will call the taglist like the image fourth to check for the message you provide. It should be in another screen which create an inbox to check new messages, probably a listview component, which when its click its manually call the messages of two user when the firebase bucket correct blocks, which you provide in the guide. A lot of things to do, i share an aia when i finish this project for guide purposes to save time for everyone

I have worked on that and made an app using that method.
I have also made chat system using mysql and firebase.
May be in future this method will be very useful for developers.

Can you please check that new download link is working or not?

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Wait bro… i check

Not working for me. HTTP 412 ERROR

I have updated download link.

one thing lack with this project, a notification where if new message has been detected, one signal component is good, even the app close, which also i discoverd this extension [Free] Extension OneSignalSend (Christmas Update) version4 - #ThunkableClassicExtensions - Community but don’t know yet, still testing, if you have any idea for better option . hehehe it can save time.

I tried to do that with firebase data changed block but every time I open app it showed notification so I removed that option.
If you can do that than just do that.:grin:

the extension above have a great chance… it just to complicated blocking the specific id of a user, and the extension crash sometimes.

unless if not an extension, we can use 3rd party live notofication provider like this one