Implementing ChatView with firebase database has error in multiline message

There you are. Found the mistake. Your Firebase is storing the values as row but you are trying to select by considering it as a list. You cannot use select list item list.

So one thing use replace all text \ and split text at / by 5 and try

Yea I try
like this

If this is not working mean, final attempt,

Please try to send data to firebase in single line.

To do this, add this block in when text on changed and check in firebase whether it is sending as single line or not. If it is sending as single line mean no problem. You know then how to proceed


It work the error disappear , but Chat view format SENDER true & False become error also text format become strange / unsuitable

like this

Anyway I will keep trying … for best result

If single line it’s not problem it always ok, but behavior change if you give the carriage return character in this case \n , if you have messenger like whatsapp or anything. it is possible to put message like this

instead " this is the message" ,

You know what I mean ?

Ok. However refer this readmande guide on chat. view+ firebase component

You will get an idea and It may solve your problem

Yup I will Try, Thanks For Your Time

Look like they have same problem :grin:

I understand now. I will look for solution later from my side

Ok I appreciate that…

clean the firebase

hello @Ata_Kose , Welcome to Kodular Community, could you please explain

What do you mean?
and how the block will be come?

When Firebase got value and if you use as it is then it gives us in the same format. So what I suggest you is. Try to get the value in two variable. Or split the variable as end of the date and the text field. And you show the text field as it is select the item from the the index 2

First one box value (sending to firebase upon click)

Second one label value. Upon clicking the button. itrestorws from the firebase

I’ve tried that’s method but work’s only in label… but if you put into ChatView Message, they don’t work , no property to adjust in chatview for displaying message upon single line or multiple line

That’s it. Just to say or know it yourself only we did it. Chat view means it will show everything in as single line. Chat view is no way connected with WhatsApp style like. If not you have to use your own extensions just like chat view

Hehhehe that’s was my problem, I’m newbie and difficult for me to create my own extension chatview style, but later I will trying…

Anyway nice to chat in this topic …thanks verymuch

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firebase database cleaner

Can You show me how to do?, as I mention in my topic…

Delete data in firebase database

Done … And where is the Block…Can You Show me?