Help me making chat app

Hello everyone

I want to create a chat app with custom design, video call, voice call, custom chat view extension needed or by using vertical scroll arrangement.

If anyone knows so please inform me

If it will be created so I will share with you all for free



What you have tried yet​:thinking:

I have till tried 6 projects and it works completely but I want to add some features as I mentioned

I will reused the project of a youtuber​:sweat_smile: but it doesn’t support gif, voice message, video sharing options

And what have you tried ?What you’ve problems in? no one will give you a premade aia.

This would be useful:

Try this:

Also see here:


Thanks for these but what about voice sharing​:thinking:

This app is not working properly :pensive:

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This project have this option :wink:

But it doesn’t works perfectly
It has some problems

Any way, the idea is simple:
1- Use sound recoder component for recording.
2- Upload the recorded file to firebase storage/ your server/ cloudinary
3- You get the download link, now store it in a db : firebase, mySql, airtable
4- Finally when you need any of the users to play this voice , just get the link from your db, and set the player source ( or any sound player extension ) to the link of your sound file.
5- That’s it!

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I know but whenever I start doing it I am confused :sweat_smile:

What are you confused with? start trying when you’ve doubt or got an error, you can ask here in the community :slightly_smiling_face:

I am asking here for different components as I asked today also

Didn’t understand you ?

I mean that I am asking for free and without bugs extensions and components but no one is answering

As i said , here is what you need:

Ok thanks

So can you provide me a aia file​:sweat_smile: please :pray:

Unfortunately, i don’t have an aia file, you need to make it your self :wink: I don’t think the concept is hard.And as i said, if you got a problem feel free, to search and ask here in the community,

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Ok thanks :blush:

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Seriously, do all the work yourself instead…