How to use chatview with firebase?

Never tried that.
Let me know if it works.

I don’t think it will work

1.Enable multiline from textbox properties and then to show text.
2.Replace \n with <br> while storing text in db and replace <br> with \n while retrieving text.

Here is what’s happening

What about this one?

I don’t know whether chatview supports multiline or not.
Lets wait for others replies.

Ok I am trying this if it working or not

See this

Actually multiline is working but chat component or chatview extension didn’t support multiline text

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Yes you are right.
Please open a new topic in #feedback:iwant category with your request.

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Welcome @BIB_Presents this is not the correct place for it , you must create a new topic for your app in #koded and if you want to sell it then #marketplace

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This Is a nice method For a Chatting app But I think The messeges From the user is directly stored onto the db (without any cryptography) How to encrypt the messeges and store onto the db.(Because Messege may contain Some personal Info).

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you can use encryption extension

Sure Thanks for suggestion

can you share new link download for List Utils? because the appybuilder site was shutdown, i cannot open the website.

You may check again ,the site is loading for me.

This is the link

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I’m also having same issue, as the developer is not here. Can anyone else fix this issue?

You can contact him on AI2 Community or through his website.

There are few bugs (not so frequent) in this method so while fixing them I decided to use different logic and ended up getting a better version but still with few bugs.
So I am attaching aia here, if anyone would like to explore:
Chat.aia (89.1 KB)


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