Help with the chat view component

I wanted to understand, where does the chat component connect?
Where is all chat history stored?

Hi, please Search on community First.

Also check out this

The first guide you mentioned doesn’t answer his question, please see the guide before replying

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I know but I mentioned that Guide because maybe he will get any idea

That guide is just for UI for actual working you can refer this one.

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The chat history is not stored internally. You have to use a database to store it. The chatview component will display the message only as design.

Where is the component that links it to the firebase?

Inside the Google section.

Before going to big learn basics of kodular and all components.
Read docs.

Thanks for the suggestion. Read. Now I would love an answer to my question … what does this link to the database?

Check this out

OR the below one :point_down:

Or you can use @help_cttricks extension​:point_down: