How to use chatview with firebase?

Can you elaborate more?

I got the aia file and made it the same.
However, I tried using my phone 2 but it did not connect.
I had to talk to each other differnt room.
Can several people talk together in chat room as a group?


Would you like to post your solution? It may help other people out.

I want to ask, how do I add a contact?

Sorry can you explain this?

My proyect

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How To Use Firebase DB url, Token or project bucket
with this aia

Hi @htdtechhelp Welcome to Kodular Community

You have to use them in their place like url in FirebaseDB URL and so on.

Used the guide you provided @vknow360 but it have one problem that once chat is done then if I close the app and open it again same chat is made for many times like three or four times. What could be problem. I have edited only token and Url of firebase.

Chat.apk (6.3 MB)

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@vknow360 Can you look at this. I am also facing same issue.
Thank you.

I think it would be due to data sync.

@Sherpuraala and @techVsurya Are you sure that you have not changed anything in blocks?

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Yes, I have changed only Token and Url. Nothing else.

Let me check.
This happens usually because of:

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Yes. When data sync, its showing proper detais from firebase data. Problem is when screen initialize.

Guide will be updated soon…:+1:


Thank you for that.

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Should I add Asymmetric Encryption in chat method?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can’t say

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@vknow360 I have that same problem. You can open your messages 3 or 4 times when you turn them on and off. I also want to sign in with google auth. I would like to add the profile picture to your plan accordingly. Also, our names should appear. Can you add aia project for this?

Hi @Ayomayowa
Can you elaborate more about your issue?
Aia file is in first post.