Chat aplicacion

I present my chat project.
You create an account, add other users and start chatting with them.
It has a chat history using firebase, profile photo, push notifications (the app can be closed completely and messages will arrive the same).
At this moment I am creating a window with a style similar to instagram. When I have any progress I will publish it. For those who want the AIA can write to me privately

chat contactos notificacion registro

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Nice job

Please work on ui

I don’t understand what you want to tell me

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Make your interface change.


Como hiciste para que lleguen las notificaciones?

I leave the apk so they can test. I am about to upload it to the app store. I would like you to leave me your comments to improve the app. My user is lagu so they can add me
Trabajo.apk (7.1 MB)

please make nice ui, that means make good looking app.

Thanks for your comment, I’ll design that. I want to make sure it works properly first, then the look.

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