Problem using chatview

I am making chat system. first everything was working, I dont know what bug come in app that its starting last used ids from 2 not 1.
this block.
once the message is send it will show on chat view when close the chatview and reopen it, it will not show the old sent message which are store in firebase. And when new message is sent it will replace the old message in firebase from first message.

you want to store all chat in firebase store

please use Append data block
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That is not my problem.
my problem i can’t get my chat from firebase

when you open chat call data from firebase

I call it but it does not show

This the main problem

send block screen shoots

this is my SS

the message is send and store in firebase but not get

Why don’t you have a look at it once??

Blocks are not used correctly

i used this method but not all

I have got my error that was a logical error thanx for your response

It is working well for us. So the problem may be in your firebase bucket. In the designer mode go to firebase block and clear the bucket value and try