Chat view with firebase

I’m trying to make chat app ,I’m trying to get receiver value to show in chat view but this block is not working can anyone tell me how to set this block correctly

Refer here.

I’m trying this but it’s not working it is repeating my value again & again and not show to other user got value

Did you add your Firebase details in this app or not before you check ?

Hi @Aditya_mishra
It should have given a base for you to work upon.

And talking about bugs, I may fix them.

Yaa I add our Firebese details and export apk to check,then i show this issue

Ok I’ll send you in aia of this project you fix this issue and then send me please

No, I am talking about AIA in my guide.

Ok so can u tell me how to create chat system in our app user & admin chat with each other