Why is it deleting messages except last 1

hello i have maked chat app. i send messages in my app . sorry i forgot to tell one thing my chat app is not personal. in my app all users is in one group. problem is if i send 2 or more messages in my app then open app again there will be only last message.

Please have a look at below topic. Without seeing your blocks no one can help you

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i will post aia here
CHATME_img_send (1).aia (82.8 KB)

what to do

Post your relevant blocks please.


iam able to send more than 2 messages

It’s hard to make out what you’re doing. You also have 3 errors.

What you probably need to do is use the Firebase Got Value block and set a label to its output.

Problem solved in pm


Post the solution here. That’s the whole point of the community, we all learn together.


He used random integers as id for chatview & i changed to this one
blocks (13)

And also created a new project bucket for chats only

blocks :-

Thanks for that. It may be useful to others.

but problem partially solved because messages are only few left [5-25]. still others dissappeares

i have noticed just now

please solve it completely

well, it is your project, isn’t it?
which means you are the one, who is responsible to fix bugs and not others…
and if you need help, then what about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


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yah you are right but i cant do it using my knowledge anyone can help who is more experienced than me

my blocks

hey please help