How to show user image in Chat View via Firebase DB got value?

Hey, I need a little information, could you please help?

I have stored the value of the image (uploaded in Cloudinary) on Firebase DB.

My concern is:

Let me know how to do this? Can I just type in the tag name?


This guide may help you for using chatview with firebase

For your question,you can use get value block of tiny db to get the value of that tag.

Read the docs for more info

But the value is stored in Firebase DB and not TinyDB. How to do that?

Sorry I didn’t saw it, I thought it was tinydb I am using mobile and not using my specs :nerd_face:

Then use firebase get value and when you got value then store it in tinydb or variable as you will need to use it multiple times.

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Haha, completely fine!

How to do it?
Can you show me an example?

Currently I am not using my laptop, so I can’t.

I tried what you suggested. No luck.

See in this guide, it may Help you.