Want group chat aia

I have created movie app, which i have done 95%. I need community chat page for my users, where user discuse about errors or do general group chat. It helps to improve services and user feel good about app.

I am very basic developer, thats why i don’t have enough knowledge to make group chat page. If anyone have aia and json file can you please share with me ? Reqest from heart

this photo is picked from google images and i dont need profile picture or voice message or any attachment in chat community

There’s multiple guides, blocks, and users in community to help you if you just give it a search/try.

But here’s a topic after a search for Chat aia

I haven’t read it, but I did see blocks, link to apk, and link to an aia :ok_hand:

You could also read this, many blocks to see how things work.

Good luck and come back if help needed :blush:


Thankyou Choofa, GOD Bless you :grin:

I have created successfully Group chat community page that i exact want with help of you and your beautiful nature.

Hope, see you again

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