Click to Chat - Group Chat Aia

Introducing Click to Chat Aia where anyone can chat with all members of the group.

Just open the app, enter your name and chat.

Realtime message sync with firebase realtime database and Chat View component.

Simple and easy to use, just type and send.

Everyday the chat will be refreshed and yesterday chat will be cleared automatically next day so that it will not consume space in the database.

When app opened, it will load all previous messages of the day.

Useful in your existing apps where your app users can discuss about your app, issues or feedback or any other stuff.





Note: For testing purpose I am changing names in the same app.


GroupChat.apk (6.2 MB)



Aia (7.1 KB)

If above file doesn’t work, try this. (7.0 KB)


Hello @The_K_Studio
Below are some bugs I found in app

  1. User can send empty(just a space) message :point_down:

  2. An error popup appears when we try to send the message without entering Your name and Sender name :point_down:

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This is because you didn’t set sender name. Before sending message you need to set sender name in first text box.

Edit: I have added a condition to check sender name is set. Added a condition to check if message contains empty space.


The firebase part must have demanded a good work, huh
I guess instead of posting the aia you could make a guide.
Just a tip.

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Thank you for this amazing work, is there any aia

Thank you, will publish soon.

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Free or Paid ?

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You never published the aia

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The Aia has been uploaded! Enjoy.

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Thanks, if i have any issues I’ll contact you asap ok?

This aia is download as a Zip file not as a extention.

I try to remove .zip but still facing same problem

You just have to rename it and remove last .zip

Btw, I have uploaded .zip file above in that you will get the aia file.

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Thankyou. Now problem solved

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Thank you this app. Is it possible to use our own firebase with this? How can we do that? Can you make a simple guide please?

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Yes, you just have to create your own firebase realtime database and replace the old URL with your firebase URL.

aia file ?

Already Provide by owner


I am not a professional developer so could you please tell me how to create Firebase database like you