How to get multiple values from one tag and show in 3 textboxes

hello friends
I need some help for a big project.
how i can get the second value of the same tag.
As example i want to store the mobile number as a tag and store as first value the points of a user and as second value his firstname and third value his address.

How can i get back the values and view them 3values in 3textboxes

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A simple way would be something like this :point_down:

Note: Above I have used list from csv row block during storing the values in TinyDB. But you can also use the make list box instead


Check the all steps of vaibhav

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Is there always a need to poke nose in every topic? I mean in almost every topic on the community there’s at least one (useless) reply of you with horrible English.
Not being rude but there are some forum etiquettes which you should follow so that other users (like me) don’t get irritated and don’t post something insulting like this.
I hope you have understood what I’m trying to say and next time before posting anything will consider this.


What is your problem brother I want to solve the problem of user

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I think it is clear from my above post. :point_up_2:

Answering something which has already been answered with the same answer is very disrespectful for the user who has already answered.


Yes I understand I don’t do this again


bro i need help for firebase

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You didn’t mentioned ‘Firebase’ anywhere in your original post and so was my reply.


Btw, here :point_down: is the example with Firebase


thank you bro

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