How to get new Libraries for IDE


I cannto find what the process is to request new libraries to be added to the IDE.

Specifically I am looking for these. There are a few classes in each I am using for an on device facedetect extension. This is my first java, and extension, so Please forgive me if I have asked something silly.


@Kodular . Any thoughts on this please?

Have you tried to import them?


This is a longer term strategy issue. You have limited libraries and if I want to leverage the IDE I need to add more. Especially for custom API’s etc. Yet you ask a question that implies stupidity or ridicule.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. There is a list of libraries, and I need a couple not in the list.


Mika, tell me please where I am going wrong, and why it is so improper to ask this question.


I asked you too a simple question if you have already tried to import the needed library with the lines:


And the only way to use new librarys (which are not available) is to write us a message, with the jar/aar file and we can try to import it.

Importing custom libraries is going to be added into Premium Plan

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Mika said

and you are saying it is part of the Premium Plan. Will you be allowing personal request imports as @Mika said until the premium plan is ready?

It’s like this:

On premium plan you can import libs by yourself.

If a user really needs some libs, then you can send them us and then we can add same maybe for all.

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Danke/Merci/Gracias/Thank You.

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