How to get one infromation from Website (not my own)

Hello i got problem… I want to get infromation from website which i do not own (i want to get name from website because it changes every day)

Do you have permission to use the info?

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@NerxStudio see this post

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I want make name day app and this information i need from website so i hope i must not have permission… :smiley:

If you dont know you should ask.

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Still this is not solution of my problem :smiley: but thx for advice

website should offer an api for this but you can’t not scarp the data of web site in a legal way if you do your request get block and you can’t publish the app at google play store. search for an api and which website are you trying to do ??

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Oh ok… i do not know i was just asking how to do it :smiley: i will try to find it thx btw what after get that api?

Here you can find public apis. Search for nameday.


Wow it has for my country i am surprised :smiley: Thank you… what now? :smiley:

Use it? Search the community on how to work with an api.

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OK thank you very much

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