How to get photos from firebase storage to mit app inventor?

I have a firebase storage account where I receive an image after an interval of time. I want to see that image in an image component of the app. Could you please help?

You have a similar thread in MIT App Inventor community. Which builder are you using?

i am trying in kodular as well as in mit app inventor

In Kodular, you can use the Firebase Storage component to satisfy your need. You will need to:

  1. Enable Firebase Storage in your Firebase project.
  1. Enable Firebase Realtime Database in your project and setting it to be readable and writable.

You then add your project to your Firebase database (reference: AICODE - Firebase Authentication (part 2)), get the google-services.json file, and add it as an asset in your Kodular app.

The safest way in Kodular is to save the file in the ASD. Tested with Android 11.